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Catching Up

It's been quite some time since we've done a blog post. Andrew's trying to convince me to scrap the entire thing but I just can't bring myself to do it. Here's the super quick highlights.

- Rosemary Brennan has joined our studio as Art  Lead

- Andrew and Christen had a baby

- I got engaged

Lots of news coming up!



Pipe Trouble – Released!

Pipe Trouble - app icon "PIPE TROUBLE takes a clever new spin on an old arcade classic and uses over-the-top satire to draw awareness and prompt larger mainstream discussion for ongoing real-world issues surrounding the exploitation of natural gas.

Tasked with building their own pipeline, players struggle to balance using the least pipe to make the most money against the impact on local environment and neighbouring farms." ~ Excerpt from

Pipe Trouble from Pop Sandbox (with systems design and programming by us!) is available now on iOS and Android tablets for $1.99. There is also a free demo version of the game on TVO's website

iOS tablets
Android tablets
Free TVO Demo

Pipe Trouble on EP Daily



This was the inaugural year for the Darkcade, an indie game arcade, presented as a new component of the nightly pub socials for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The Darkcade was curated by myself, Alex Bethke, and co-organized with Peter Kuplowsky. Starting nightly at 1130pm, the Darkcade ran 9 consecutive nights and showcased 18 games chosen from local and international submissions. The full list of games that were showcased can be viewed on the After Dark website.

Festival pass holders were given the opportunity to vote on the games for an audience choice award.



We want to thank every that came out or offered assistance in making the Darkcade possible!

KillScreen Daily - In Toronto, introducing cult horror film freaks to indie games

DorkShelf - Darkcade announcement

Comments from Alex

I was extremely proud to put on this event with the help of Peter, the After Dark staff, the Hand Eye Society, and the various people who offered equipment, time and/or their support.

The Darkcade started as an idea a couple years ago when I was attending After Dark and first heard about the Fantastic Fest and their indie game arcade. My immediate thought had been, why don't we have something like that? After talking to some key people about the idea and getting some feedback I approached After Dark with the concept. I have to give a special thanks to Jim and Em McGinley. Without the TO Jam arcade as the original inspiration, the TIFF Nexus Peripherials Initiative project which Em ran that allowed me to meet Peter or the opportunity to get some hands-on experience as one of the volunteer organizers of TO Jam: The Sevening, the Darkcade would not have happened.


Podcast Interview: Toronto Indie Guys

This past Sunday Alex was on the Toronto Indie Guys podcast being interviewed about Golden Gear, our various projects, games in general and some in-depth explanations of various sections of the guest level They Bleed Stardust in Spooky Squid's They Bleed Pixels. Andrew was supposed to be on this podcast but there was a scheduling miscommunication which meant he had to miss out. Alex swears he didn't do this on purpose to hog the glory but we have our doubts... ;)

Podcast: Listen to it now!

A huge amount of shout-outs to everyone mentioned on the podcast!

Andrew Traviss, Ryan Creighton, Troy Darc, Matthew Reed, Matthew Sugrim, Miguel Sternberg, Andrew Pilkiw, Matt Hammill, Samantha Fraser, Michael Todd, Lesley Phord-Toy, Cale Bradbury, Em McGinley, Jim McGinley, Jaime Woo

And of course the organizations as well...

TOJam 2012, IGDA Toronto, Adventure Time Game Jam, Toronto Global Game Jam, Toronto Skillswap, Spooky Squid Games, Social Game Universe, Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Bento Miso, Digifest, HRD Coffee Shop

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Upcoming Panel: Staying Afloat, Staying Alive

Toronto Skillswap is hosting a panel Friday September 14th on the topic of life work balance and I've (Alex) been asked to be one of the panelists. For all the details visit the facebook page for the event.


Podcast Interview: Guys With Pencils

Recently we did an interview for the Guys With Pencils podcast in which Andrew and I talked about the company, some of our projects and chatted with some friends/colleagues like Rachel Kahn and Rosemary Brennan. We were really happy with the outcome so if you want to listen to the podcast look for it on the Guys With Pencils website.

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GameConnect Panel

Last night Alex spoke as part of the GameConnect panel put on by XConnect and hosted by Bento Miso. The event was an interactive discussion between the panelists and the audience covering a range of topics from the game industry with a big focus on mobile/console gaming and community building.

Golden Gear wants to thank everyone involved for putting on this awesome event and letting us be part of the panelists. Big thanks to the other GameConnect panelists: Chris Ye (Uken Games), Ken Seto (Massive Damage), Sasha Boersma (Educator, Producer, Business Analyst), and Richard Carrillo (Ubisoft)

Twitter: #gcto


Mr Dreamer coming July 31!

Daydream with Poncho as he and his sidekick, Cid, escape their heartbreaking reality of working for Broccoli Co.

Mr Dreamer is an runner style game with an interesting flipping mechanic for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch coming out on July 31st 2012.

We were hired by Strapped to a Meteor to provide the programming services for this game to counterpoint their design and art. The project proved very challenging (keep an eye out for a future blog about that) but after a lot of work we are very proud of the final result and are looking forward to the release date.

For more information about the game, our client Strapped to a Meteor or the marketing materials for game head over to their website.


Flash Mobile Conversion

We're very excited to announce a new specialized service and the related details.

Flash Mobile Conversion

Reach new audiences by converting your Flash-based software to native apps for mobile devices. We've broken down mobile conversion into a simple process of assessment and implementation that quickly achieves minimum function and provides a solid understanding of the scope of work before committing to a full conversion effort.

Full Details

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2 New Mobile Games Coming Soon!

Hey All, Alex here.

Andrew and I have been working really hard the last couple of months on a variety of projects and we're now just waiting for the Apple app approval process to complete on 2 new client mobile games that we've been developing. One is a vertical runner style game in which you play an office working dreaming of his adventures through candy land. The other is a rail shooter style sniper game. It's a bit of an advergame for an upcoming MMO that our client is developing.

We've very excited to see these projects completed and the apps released!

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