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Cells – Released!

For June / July the Experimental Gameplay Project's monthly competition theme is Casual Addiction. To that end I have created Cells, a hex-based puzzle game about creating life by mixing/matching coloured cells to feed and evolve a creature.

I can not begin to describe to you how much fun I had making this game. I slaved over the code during the day and had dreams of the damn thing at night. I couldn't sleep I was bursting with so many ideas for ways to improve this game (half of which never even came close to being implemented... a sequel perhaps?) It was a thoroughly satisfying experience of ass kickingly awesome proportions. I hope people have half as much fun playing it as I did making it. For the last 7 days this game has consumed almost all of my development time and at the very deadline of the 7 day mark (after having to drop music as a feature, ouch) I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

As with Star Fall, I ran into a snag under the rules of the EGP competition which state that you have to do everything yourself. This presented a problem on two fronts, graphics and music. Music, sadly, had to be cut as a feature since I hit the 7 day development limit. Graphics, well, I gave it a solid try but was not quite as successful as with Star Fall.

Anyways, heres the game: Cells

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